Ice Buckets

VIP Ice buckets are a great addition to any bar, restaurant, night club, or event. Ice buckets are used to cool beverages whether for sampling or bottle service. VIP Ice Buckets powered by The MRL Group has been manufacturing quality ice buckets for our clients for years. Our team of expert designers is experienced in providing exclusive and one-of-a-kind designs exactly to your specifications. Ice buckets are made from high quality materials such as acrylic or styrene plastic that allow for easy handling and accessibility. At VIP Ice Buckets powered by The MRL Group, we provide an extensive range of ice buckets that vary in shape, size, and design. Ice buckets can be imprinted with your choice of logo or message. VIP Ice Buckets powered by The MRL Group strives to produce only the best quality ice buckets for our clients, whether it’s a stock ice bucket or a custom ice bucket. Contact us today for your next project!

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