Custom branded refrigerators are a great addition to any bar, restaurant, event, or retail store. Refrigerators are used to keep drinks cold, while simultaneously branding a company or promoting a beverage. VIP Ice Buckets powered by The MRL Group has been manufacturing quality promotional refrigerators, mini fridges and coolers for our clients over the years. VIP Ice Buckets powered by The MRL Group strives to produce only the best quality refrigerators for our clients, whether it is a stock item or a custom project. Our refrigerators are made from high-quality durable materials, such as acrylic, glass or metal. At VIP Ice Buckets powered by The MRL Group, we provide an extensive range of refrigerators, mini fridges and coolers that vary in shape, size or design. We can create illuminated refrigerators that will light up the products inside. We can also create counter top refrigerators, full sized refrigerators or custom shaped refrigerators, such as a barrel shaped refrigerator. All the refrigerators can be imprinted with your choice of logo, message or graphics. We are always ready to assist with any custom refrigerator project, contact us today!

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